Psy-Connection Award

First introduced in AY2012-13, the Psy-Connection Award is an annual prize that encourages the creative use of what is learnt in classroom settings to promote the welfare of humankind. The award is open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students majoring in psychology in our Department. The best project receives an award of HK$10,000.


Applying knowledge to improve human lives has been a major objective of Psychology. The Psy-Connection Award is an annual prize that encourages the creative use of what is learnt in classroom settings to promote the welfare of humankind.

Submission Format

Proposals or completed projects are both welcomed. Participants should submit a brief (3-5 A4 pages) proposal / report providing the details of the project, as well as supporting materials for the budget, product and its outcomes when applicable.

The product can be in the form of a video, a newspaper article, a website, a tangible device, service or function, etc.

Selection Criteria

The Selection Committee will evaluate the projects and select one winner based on their

  1. Contribution to humankind;
  2. Feasibility (for proposals; include project timeline; for completed projects, describe the time of completion of different major steps);
  3. Creativity / originality; and
  4. Relevance to psychology / utilization of psychological knowledge or skills.

Announcement of Results

Year     Award Awardees                                                     
2023-24 Champion HUANG Chak Hei, Ocean (UG/Yr 4)
LAW Lok Ching (UG/Yr 4)
LEUNG Wing Sze (UG/Yr 4)
LI Ching Tung (UG/Yr 3)
LIU Xiao (UG/Yr 5)
TAM Man Yui (UG/Yr 3)
TSE Cheuk Tung (UG/Yr 5)
Colors of Expression
  Runner-up WANG Eric (UG/Yr 2)
WEI Yizhi (UG/Yr 2)
PsycGPT —— Building a professional mental health Generative Chatbot using self Retrieval-Augmented-Generation
  Runner-up TSE Sammee (UG/Yr 4) “心膚級” Healing inside out: a one-stop platform for skincare and mental well-being
  Runner-up LEE Grace (UG/Yr 3) Sleep Potions Brew Your Sleeps with Psychology and TCM
SO Yuen Ling Tiffany (UG/Yr 2)
IP Chui Ting (UG/Yr 3)
LEUNG Yat Long Ansel (UG/Yr 4)
CHAN Yik Chun Anson (UG/Yr 4)
YUEN Jethro (UG/Yr 4)
2021-22 Champion
CHAN Hei To Penthuson (UG/Yr 4)
LEE Wing Tung Nicolette (UG/Yr 4)
LEE Sui Gee Savina (UG/Yr 3)
WONG Tak Shing Dickson (UG/Yr 2)
YUEN Ka Wai Eddie (UG/Yr 2)
LAU Wing Tung Koni (UG/Yr 2)
念念不亡 Grief Me Light
2020-21 Champion LIN Wing Yan (UG/Yr 3)


Runner-up KWAN Joycelyn Yee Man (UG/Yr 3) MOI
2019-20     Champion          FUNG Long Ki Nicole (MPhil/Yr 1)
CHU Li (PhD/Yr 4)

We don't "read" minds, we "study" them: A video project to bridge gaps between the academics and the publics




2018-19 Champion SUN Wai Han
MA Hon Ki
WONG Chi Wing Brenda
(MSSc/Yr 2)
The Forever Footprints - A timely and comprehensive online platform for parents with pregnancy loss
Runner-up CHOI Wing Man (UG/Yr 4) Let Their Voice Be Heard
Runner-up TAM Joyce (MPhil/Yr 1)
FU Ching Man (MPhil/Yr 2)
Joggie Talkie: Promote individual wellness and social connection through exercises
Runner-up TIAN Mi (PhD/Yr 3) Spatial Training Curriculum Using Block Building Activities Enhances Young Children's Theory of Mind
Runner-up LEI Kai Hang Michael
WONG Yue Ting
HUI Tsz Tsun
LIU Bing Jane
(UG/Yr 4)
University Planning Mentorship Program
2017-18 Champion LO Edmund (MSSc/Yr 2) LOVE PRINT – a life review production service for community dwelling elderly
Runner-up DING Ruyi (Ph.D./Yr 2) A Wechat-based intervention program for improving emotion socialization practices in parents of early adolescents
2016-17 Champion Lam Ho Yin (UG/Yr3)
Wong Sau Ling (UG/Yr1)
Su Yen Jou (UG/Yr1)
Zebedee Cheah Rui En (UG/Yr1)
Tsui Wai Fung (UG/Yr3)
The Grateful App
Runner-up Ma Yuet Kwan Gloria (Ph.D./Yr3) "Wheel We Meet? Make it Wheel!" by Wheel Power Challenge
Runner-up Ngan Siu Hin (Ph.D./Yr1) A mobile application for multitasking training
2015-16 Champion Yu Chun Leung (UG/Yr2)
Lo Pak Kwan (UG/Yr3)
Lo Jun Yi (UG/Yr1)
The Voices in Photos: Anti-stigmatization Campaign for Ex-offenders
Runner-up Lau Yin Yim (UG/Yr4) CU Mind U - Utilization of internet social media in mental health promotion: Incorporation of the use of Facebook to peer counsellors program (uBuddies)
Runner-up Katrina May Dulay (Ph.D/Yr2)
Wong Lok Yee Natalie (M.Phil./Yr2)
One-Minute Chinese
2014-15 Champion Yuen Yeuk Sum Belle (UG/Yr 1)
Cheung Wing Yin Sheryl (UG/Yr 1)
Lee Hoi Ying Janice (UG/Yr 1)
Poon Sheung Him Jonathan (UG/Yr 1)
Yeung Tsz Wah Emily (UG/Yr 1)
Eating Healthy at CUHK: “Eat Wise, Win Prize” Campaign
Runner-up Lam Ho Wa Hodar (PG/Yr 2) Networking Workshop for Undergraduate Students - An Emotion Management Approach
2013-14 Champion Hui Yiu Yuen (UG/Yr 1)
Tang Tsz Ki (UG/Yr 1)
Ho Ho Yin (UG/Yr 2)
Ng Tsz Ying (UG/Yr 1)
Wong Siu Yue (UG/Yr 1)
Hands Off Project
Runner-up Lo Pak Kwan (UG/Yr 1)
Tung Long Hei (UG/Yr 1)
Leung Wing Yan (UG/Yr 1)
Wong Ching (UG/Yr 1)
Wong Lok Hang (UG/Yr 1)
Proposal for encouraging using double-sided printing
Runner-up Lai Ching Man (PG/Yr 2)
Fu Kei (PG/Yr 2)
Manga Series to Promote Mental Health Knowledge in Mainland and Hong Kong
2012-13 Champion Wong Lok Yee Natalie (UG/Yr 4) Bystanders No More!
Runner-up Cheung Ka Kiu Tammy
Lee Ching Ann
Lin Chun Kit Jeremy
Sze Miu Tung Emily
Yu Tak Cheung Terry
(UG/Yr 1)
Psycho-chicken soup
Runner-up Wang Ying (PG/Yr 2) How Can We Better Teach Early Chinese Word Recognition and Writing?
Runner-up Yuen Shung Chit (UG/Yr 3) Happy Planet - Smartphone Application of Positive Psychology
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