Course Information

Below is a list of all the Psychology Major Courses and Faculty Package Courses. 

Course List

Major Courses
Course Code Course Title
PSYC1000 General Psychology
PSYC1030 Psychology of Personal Growth
PSYC1040 Perspectives in Human Sexuality
PSYC1050 Consciousness
PSYC1091 Your Journey into Psychology
PSYC1620 How Psychologists See Culture
PSYC1630 Positive Communication for Healthy Relationships
PSYC2010 Introduction to Statistics
PSYC2020 Experimental Design
PSYC2050 Psychological Testing
PSYC2070 Qualitative Research Methods
PSYC2190 Physiological Psychology
PSYC2240 Sensation and Perception
PSYC2300 Basic Learning Processes
PSYC2350 Memory and Cognition
PSYC2540 Developmental Psychology
PSYC2620 Social Psychology
PSYC2650 Personality Psychology
PSYC2780 Neuropsychology
PSYC3001 Special Topics in Cognitive Science
PSYC3002 Special Topics in Education and Human Development
PSYC3003 Special Topics in Social and Industrial-Organizational Psychology
PSYC3004 Special Topics in Clinical and Health Psychology
PSYC3005 Special Topics in Psychology
PSYC3360 Human Intelligence
PSYC3370 Psychology and Law
PSYC3430 Psychology of Language
PSYC3440 Psychology of Music
PSYC3450 Problem Solving and Creativity
PSYC3460 Machine Learning in Psychology
PSYC3470 Computational Modeling in Psychology
PSYC3550 Educational Psychology
PSYC3610 Culture and Psychology
PSYC3630 Culture, Groups and Social Behaviour
PSYC3640 Psychology of Gender
PSYC3660 Emotion and Motivation
PSYC3700 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC3720 Health Psychology
PSYC3730 Professional Issues and Development in Mental Health Practice
PSYC3740 Evidence-based Mental Health Practice
PSYC3750 Counseling Theories and Their Applications to Clinical, Career and Organizational Settings
PSYC3760 Engagement and Assessment of Individuals with Common Mental Health Problems
PSYC3770 Evidence Based Low Intensity Interventions for Individuals with Common Mental Health Problems
PSYC3810 Applied Psychology in Business
PSYC3820 Industrial-Organizational Psychology
PSYC4900 Psychology in Action I
PSYC4901 Practicum in Neuroscience and Psychology
PSYC4902 Practicum in Education and Human Development
PSYC4903 Practicum in Social and Industrial-Organizational Psychology
PSYC4904 Practicum in Psychology and Health
PSYC4905 Research Practicum
PSYC4906 Undergraduate Practicum in Guided Self-Help
PSYC4909 Psychology in Action II
PSYC4910 Senior Thesis Research I
PSYC4920 Senior Thesis Research II

Coursework Requirements (4-year Curriculum)

Coursework Requirements (4-year Curriculum)

Students are required to complete a minimum of 123 units of courses:

  • 9 units of Faculty Package
  • 55 units of Major Courses in Psychology
  • 21 units of General Education
  • 2 units of Physical Education
  • 13 units of Language Courses
  • 1 unit of Understanding China
  • 1 unit of Hong Kong in the Wider Constitutional Order
  • 3 units of Digital Literacy and Computational Thinking
  • Remaining units in Minor and/or free elective courses

Double Major Programmes (with effect from 2022-23)

B.S.Sc. in Psychology and Journalism & Communication Double Major Programme

Interested students have to meet the following minimum requirements in the first and second terms of their first year of attendance:

  1. They need to take at least four 3-unit courses from both programmes (including PSYC1000 and one other PSYC course , and COMM1150 and one other COMM course) and attain an average GPA of 3.30 for these four courses.
  2. They also need to attain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 in the second term of their first year of study.

Students will be awarded two majors upon completion of studies.

Students admitted to the Psychology Programme,  Journalism and Communication Programme (4-year curriculum) in 2022-2023 and thereafter are eligible to apply. 

Selection of suitable applicants will be made by both Department of Psychology and School of Journalism and Communication in June or July. Interviews may be arranged if needed. Students will be notified of the results of their application by the end of July of their first year of study.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 90 units of major courses. For the study scheme of double degree programme, please refer to Student Handbook.

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