Ph.D., University of Zurich
Associate Professor
Rm 325, Sino Building
3943 1035
2603 5019

Brief Introduction

  • Neural mechanisms underlying reading and dyslexia
  • Neural mechanisms underlying language processing and second language learning
  • Predictive coding models of neural mechanisms in cognition
  • Reading training in normal and dyslexic readers and associated changes at the neural level
  • Prediction of reading skills and training effects based on neural measures (using traditional regression and machine learning approaches)
  • Topographic EEG analysis methods and their combination with other techniques (such as eye tracking or fMRI)

Teaching Areas

  • PSYC2350- Memory and Cognition 
  • PSYC5140- Cognitive Psychology 

Research Interests

Reading acquisition, dyslexia, foreign language learning, cross-linguistic research, cognitive neuroscience, EEG methodology, combining EEG-fMRI data, combining EEG-eye tracking data



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