Suzanne Ho-Wai SO


Ph.D., King's College London
Rm 321, Wong Foo Yuan Building
3943 6211
2603 5019

Teaching Areas

  • PSYC4906- Guided Self-help Practicum 

Research Interests

Psychological models of psychosis; Cognitive and affective pathways to psychosis; Reasoning in psychosis and other psychiatric disorders; Psychological treatment for severe mental illnesses; Cognitive behavioural therapy; Therapist training; Experience sampling methodology/ ecological momentary assessment.

I am interested in examining the psychological processes that contribute to the development and maintenance of psychosis, a severe mental illness. My students and I focus on the role of cognitive biases, such as attributional style and data-gathering bias, on delusionality and treatment outcome. We also investigate the extent to which cognitive and affective processes may be shared between psychosis and other psychiatric disorders. Our projects cover the continuum of psychosis, from individuals at risk of developing the illness, to patients across the acute and recovery stages. Apart from theoretical projects, we are currently running two treatment trials for psychosis and bipolar disorder respectively. I have also developed an interest in assessing subjective psychological experiences using experience sampling methodology on a mobile phone app.



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Other Information

  • An interview on the RTHK1 health programme “精靈一點”. The topic is on "Cognitive behavioural therapy for psychosis", Feb 7, 2014.
  • An interview on the Phoenix TV programme “醫APPS最強”. The topic is on "IQ", Mar 29, 2014


2016        CUHK Young Researcher Award

2016        CUHK University Education Award

2016        CUHK Faculty of Social Science Exemplary Teaching Award

2017        UGC Teaching Award (Early Career Category)

2021        CUHK Faculty of Social Science Exemplary Teaching Award

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