Experimental Psychopathology and Psychotherapy Laboratory

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Chiu Chui-De
Rm 102, Wong Foo Yuan Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
3943 3507

Much of our human experience is built around relationships and how we process relations with others and the self. Our laboratory is interested in the cognitive basis and social development involved in relational processing. Our investigations span from experimental studies on empathy and shame-proneness, to clinical studies about relational difficulties and self-disturbances, particularly in patients with trauma-related mental disorders including dissociative disorders and borderline personality disorder. We adopt a combination of methods to capture responses at different levels, which includes physiological measures, behavioral tests and observations, and introspective reports.


Endorsing the value of translational research, we aim to bridge the wisdom between basic studies and clinical practice. While gaining insights from clinical practice about the underlying structure of human functioning, we strive to inform clinical case formulation with knowledge about the pathways underlying their dysfunction. Driven by such value, we not only do studies in the laboratory, but also cooperate with service-providers in the healthcare setting in the hope of improving the existing practice for the clinical populations.

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