Chi Yue CHIU


Ph.D., Columbia
Choh-Ming Li Professor of Psychology
Dean of Social Science
Rm 111, Sino Building
3943 6234
2603 5019

Brief Introduction

Before joining CUHK, Professor Chiu Chi-yue had taught at the University of Hong Kong, University of Illinois and Nanyang Technological University. Professor Chiu has created several new fields of investigation in basic and applied social sciences, including multiculturalism and creativity, social psychology of globalization and polycultural psychology. The rich implications of his research on the development of personal, social and cultural competences have been extensively exploited in education, management, marketing, legal studies, arts, sports, communication, and international relations.Professor Chiu owns an impressive record of research awards and publications with significant impact. He is also an innovative and passionate educator and the winner of several outstanding teaching awards at the universities he taught. He has actively contributed to the academic community through his editorial roles in reputable journals and book series. For eight years, he has collaborated with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences to offer voluntary research development training to Chinese social scientists in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe and Australia.

Research Interests

Normology, creativity and innovation, culture mixing and polycultural psychology, globalization, intergroup relations, cultural dynamics.



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