M.S.Sc. in Clinical Psychology

This programme is jointly offered by the Department of Psychology and the Department of Psychiatry. It is based on the scientist-practitioner model of training and will provide both academic and clinical training, enabling graduates of this programme to be able to practise as clinical psychologists in Hong Kong.

Admission Requirement
  • General qualifications required by the Graduate School
  • Fulfil the "English Language Proficiency Requirement" as stipulated by the Graduate School
    (Please refer to the "Postgraduate Prospectus" or Graduate School Homepage for details on these requirements)
  • Possess a bachelor's degree majoring in Psychology or qualifications equivalent to a bachelor's degree majoring in Psychology
  • Have eligibility for graduate membership of the Hong Kong Psychological Society.


  • Knowledge of spoken Cantonese and written Chinese is required (Courses are taught in Cantonese and English).
  • It is preferable that the applicants have undergraduate studies in abnormal psychology, neuropsychology and counseling/psychotherapy.
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