Research Ethics

General Information

If you wish to recruit participants from the Subject Pool of the Department of Psychology, please apply for Department Subject Pool Ethics Approval.  The quota of participants that can be recruited from the Subject Pool is set at the beginning of each term, and is specific to the Department’s staff and students. 

For studies with ethics approval from the Faculty Survey and Behavioural Research Ethics Committee (SBREC), please attach the corresponding SBREC approval in your application. 

Department Subject Pool Ethics Application:



For studies on participants outside the Subject Pool, the Department of Psychology will review research ethics for certain student projects involving minimal risk, and seeking to recruit participants aged 15 and above.  Please note that if you are applying for and will obtain ethics approval from the Faculty SBREC, there IS NO NEED to apply for Department Research Ethics review. 

Department Research Ethics Application (for studies on participants outside the subject pool):


In case your study does not qualify for the Departmental Ethics review, please consider applying to SBRE or CREC.



Research Ethics in the Context of Covid-19

If you would like to conduct studies that involve face to face interactions during this time when the pandemic is still going on, you are requested to include the following documents in your applications, and implement the relevant measures in your studies. 

1) A sheet to add to the consent form: Covid19_ConsentAddOn_BilangRe.doc 

2) A sheet to give to all experimenters as guidelines: Covid19_ExperimenterGuidelines_BilangRe.doc 

3) A post-experimental sheet with relevant information: Covid19_PostExpInformation_Bilang.doc


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