KWAN Letty Yan-Yee
Photo of KWAN Letty Yan-Yee
Qualifications:Ph.D., Illinois
Appointment:Assistant Professor
Office:Rm 306, Sino Building
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel:3943 4377
Fax:2603 5019

Research Interests

My primary research goal is to understand the intricate relationships between culture, creativity and innovation. My research has focused on answering three important questions: (1) How does a cultural tradition develop and can it limit creativity in innovation by constraining individual preferences, judgments and social trust?(2) How do multicultural experiences help to break cultural mindset and promote creative thinking in innovation teams, and under what conditions would multicultural experiences yield maximum creative benefits? (3) At the national level, how do institutional factors and generalized trust impact a country’s innovation outcomes through attraction and retention of global talent? I seek to use different research methodologies to understand the above research interest, and integrate these knowledge in my teaching.


Representative Publications

Kwan, L. Y. Y., Yap, S., & Chiu, C. Y. (2015). Mere exposure affects perceived descriptive norms: Implications for personal preferences and trust. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 129, 48-58.

Kwan, L. Y. Y., & Chiu, C. Y. (2015). Country variations in different innovation outputs: The interactive effect of institutional support and human capital. Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Kwan, L. Y. Y., Chiu, C. Y., & Leung, A. K. Y. (2014). Priming Bush (vs. Obama) increases liking of American brands: The role of intersubjectively important values. Social Influence, 9(3), 206-223.

Chiu, C. Y., Kwan, L. Y. Y., & Liou, S. (2013). Culturally Motivated Challenges to Innovations in Integrative Research: Theory and Solutions. Social Issues and Policy Review, 7(1), 149-172.

Chiu, C. Y., & Kwan, L. Y. Y. (2010). Culture and creativity: A process model. Management and Organization Review, 6(3), 447-461.