Photo of CHEUNG Him
Qualifications:Ph.D., Kansas; LTCL
Office:Rm 353, Sino Building
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel:3943 6457
Fax:2603 5019

Teaching Areas

  • PSYC1000 General Psychology
  • PSYC2300 Basic Learning Processes
  • PSYC3550 Educational Psychology

Research Interests

Infants' and children's language and thinking development; theory of mind; learning to read; psychology of language.

I study 1.5-year-olds' learning of the emotions behind music and how such learning may enhance their mentalising. I am also interested in adults' activation of emotions through music and how much of this depends on motor representation. My other interests include children's perception and evaluation of different types of lies and the role of mentalising in this, infants' and adult's automatic processing of others' perspectives upon seeing others' action and eye gaze, and Cantonese speech production. These topics all surround the overarching theme that we always attempt to derive meaning (e.g., emotion, others' points of view, intention behind lies, etc.) from symbols (e.g., music, others' overt behaviour or eye gaze, lies, etc.), which I think is basic human nature that is readily observable even in very young infants. Psychology is the study of human nature after all.

Representative Publications

Cheung, H., Chung, K. K. H., Wong, S. W. L., McBride-Chang, C., Penney, T. B., & Ho, C. S. H. (2010). Speech perception, metalinguistic awareness, reading, and vocabulary in Chinese-English bilingual children. Journal of Educational Psychology, 102(2), 367-380.

Cheung, H., Mak, W. Y., Luo, X., & Xiao, W. (2010). Sociolinguistic awareness and false belief in young Cantonese learners of English. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 107, 188-194.

Cheung, H., Chung, K. K. H., Wong, S. W. L., McBride-Chang, C., Penney, T. B., & Ho, C. S. H. (2009). Perception of tone and aspiration contrasts in Chinese children with dyslexia. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 50(6), 726-733.

Cheung, H., Chen, H.-C., & Yeung, W. (2009). Relationship between mental verb meaning and false belief in Cantonese-speaking children. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 104(2), 141-155.

The role of phonological awareness in mediating between reading and listening to speech. Language and Cognitive Processes, 22(1), 130-154.