Letty Yan-Yee KWAN

Ph.D., Illinois
Assistant Professor
Rm 306, Sino Building
3943 4377
2603 5019

Research Interests

My primary research goal is to understand the impact of culture and various learning behaviors and processes has on creativity and innovation, and other learning outcomes (e.g., motivations, productivity, and well-being). My research has focused on understanding the effects of national/ ethinic culture and disciplinary culture on creativity and innovation, at an individual, team, and country level. I am also interested in understanding how our cultures, mindsets and personalities interact to influence learning behaviors and learning outcomes (e.g., creativity, perserverance and well-being) in both face-to-face  learning, and via computer mediate learning (e.g., flipped classroom, online MOOC courses etc.). I seek to use different research methodologies to understand the above research interest, and integrate these knowledge in my teaching.



Kwan, L. Y. Y. (2018). Institutional and Value Support for Cultural Pluralism Is Stronger in Innovative Societies With Demanding Climate. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 49(2), 323-335.

Kwan, L. Y. Y., Leung, A. K. Y., & Liou, S. (2018). Culture, Creativity, and Innovation.

Liou, S., Kwan, L. Y. Y., & Chiu, C. Y. (2016). Historical and cultural obstacles to frame-breaking innovations in China. Management and Organization Review 12(1), 35-39.

Kwan, L. Y. Y., & Chiu, C. Y. (2015). Country variations in different innovation outputs: The interactive effect of institutional support and human capital. Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Kwan, L. Y. Y., Yap, S., & Chiu, C. Y. (2015). Mere exposure affects perceived descriptive norms: Implications for personal preferences and trust. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 129, 48-58.

Chiu, C. Y., Kwan, L. Y. Y., & Liou, S. (2013). Culturally Motivated Challenges to Innovations in Integrative Research: Theory and Solutions. Social Issues and Policy Review, 7(1), 149-172.


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